Silk: River of God

This silk came out of a church service a couple weeks back. We have a number of river/water silks already, but God showed me He wanted something new. It started stirring up during the “I Rest in You” song mentioned in the letter (you can hear us singing it in the background on this video) and below is what came forth!

He had me make silks for both ladies who wrote the song and a pair of spin wings for myself. You’ll see some of the pics/video of those throughout.  The name of this silk is River of God. The colors in it are: Continue reading “Silk: River of God”

Silk: Trust Him To Make It So

Photo May 26, 11 56 36 AMGod is so fun. 🙂 Not long ago, we shared a silk letter He’d given us called Trustworthy. This silk was birthed as an expansion of the other – it extends it and adds more specificity. The silks look similar (this one is the same colors, but over-dyed with black and shimmered with copper), and the themes are similar of course – most of the Trustworthy word is included in this one. We pray it will bless you.  Continue reading “Silk: Trust Him To Make It So”

Silk: River of God

Inspired by the Gateway:61 song which was played during worship this past week (here’s a clip of me worshipping as they sang it). I inadvertently shared this same silk again once I had pictures of the worship leader (whose song inspired this) wearing her crinkle silk of the same style! The name of this silk is River of God. The colors in it are:

  • Light turquoise representing refreshing waters
  • Cayman island green representing river of God
  • Emerald green representing healing waters
  • Turquoise representing rivers of living water
  • Deep dark blue representing deep waters

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Silk: Enthroned One

Inspired by the verse I put on the new color chart, this silk was birthed. The name of it is Enthroned One. The colors in it are:

  • Ruby representing being of immeasurable worth
  • Coral representing deep things of God
  • Pale yellow representing divine awakening
  • Candy apple green representing standing in awe of the Creator
  • Turquoise representing willingness to fight for you
  • Indigo representing songs of deliverance
  • Violet representing refined prophetic inheritance
  • Rainbow representing God’s faithfulness to His word

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Silk: I AM

The name of this silk is I AM. The colors in it are:

  • Chartreuse green representing flourishing
  • Amethyst representing redemption (blood and forgiveness under the cover of Royalty)
  • Electric blue representing intensity
  • Turquoise representing refreshing
  • Lavender representing peace
  • Imperial purple representing majesty and extended scepter

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Silk: I Am My Beloved’s

This is a fun silk because the Dyed4you Community birthed it together. I shared this image of a silk I’d created on our Dyed4you Ministries Facebook page and below are the pieces everyone shared. From that Father filled it out even more finishing out the new word for the silk called I Am My Beloved’s. I pray that the words ministers to you as well as the video I shared at the bottom with a pair of XL (light) dowel flags made in this style.  Continue reading “Silk: I Am My Beloved’s”