Meghan Williams is the founder of Dyed4you Ministries, which is the “official” ministry branch of Dyed4youDyed4you Art, and Dyed4you Readymade.

Meghan’s Background

Meghan giving her signature laughMeghan has a teaching anointing and spent several years in the academic environment, teaching at both the associate and the doctoral degree level. She has a BA in Photography, MA in Media Communications, and PhD in Information Systems. While working at a Fortune 500 company, she was often called on to lead forums or facilitate large groups due to her expertise, ease in such settings, and the positive response from those in attendance. Little did she know at that time that the Lord was soon going to use those same skill sets and gifts for His kingdom.

History of Dyed4you

While Meghan enjoyed successes in her profession, the Lord poured into her heart and called her out of the Meghan Williamsmarketplace and into full-time ministry. In 2006, the Lord birthed the idea for Dyed4you, which offers custom-dyed, prophetic silks. In 2008, the Lord brought Meghan out of the marketplace into a season of prayer and preparation.  Then in 2009, He began stirring up prophetic artwork, which resulted in the establishment of Dyed4you Art. By mid-2010, Dyed4you had grown to a full-time endeavor with a team of committed intercessors.

In 2013, Larisa came on board to take on the day-to-day of Dyed4you while Meghan focused on local ministry needs in addition to her Dyed4you Ministries endeavors. In 2016 on the 10-year anniversary of Dyed4you, Meghan returned full-time to Dyed4you Ministries and Dyed4you Readymade was birthed; an Etsy shop where the prophetic silks and art are available and ready to ship. Just another venue through which God could bless people through this unique ministry. Meghan and Larisa are teaming together to take Dyed4you to the next level.

It has been exciting and humbling, to watch the Lord touch people through the expansion of Dyed4you / Dyed4you Readymade and Dyed4you Art, as well as through our daily Prophetic Nuggets. In addition to creating prophetic, custom-dyed silk and artwork, the Lord has been enlarging the ministry’s reach to encompass speaking into people lives via ministry both in person (one-on-one or in groups) and via her blog. Meghan is honored to share what the Lord has placed on her heart. She has been described by others as one who “acts justly, loves mercy, and walks humbly with the Lord” (Micah 6:8c).

Dyed4you Ministries

Meghan speaking during a Saturday evening service at Passion for TruthOn numerous occasions, Meghan has taught, shared her testimony, and led groups in church environments. It is humbling to watch how the Father uses Meghan’s life and gifts to touch those in need of comforting, nurturing, and direction for living lives of faith, fully committed to the Lord. Through prophesy and confirmation, the Father had shown Meghan that speaking His “heart” will be the focus of expansion He is directing and growing over the next decade.


Meghan with her husband, AllenMeghan has been married to her beloved husband Allen since 2001. They have a powerful marriage testimony, and have had the pleasure of serving in church (and church leadership) together since 2006.