About Us

The heart behind Dyed4you Ministries is about hearing the voice of God and helping others do the same. Everything we do is intended to further that mission and foster deeper relationship with Him. We like to remind people that the words that come from Dyed4you Ministries (whether via art or silk, Prophetic Nugget, etc.) are not intended to be entire conversations in and of themselves, but rather portions of a conversation (seeĀ Gelah Raz (Revealer of Mysteries)).

So if you aren’t having ongoing dialogue with the Father, we hope a word from Dyed4you Ministries will kick that conversation off! And if you’re already having great ongoing dialogue, we hope a word from us will bring confirmation or expand something you’ve already heard from Him. Whatever it is, we just pray that you will have a deep, abiding relationship with the Lord and that you might know – TRULY know – the love of the Father.

Meghan enjoying her Dyed4you Oversized Tallit called Relentless Faith