Return Policy

We very much appreciate your business. Due to the customized nature of the products we sell, there are no returns or exchanges – so please keep that in mind when you are ordering!

Please make sure you have read the product information thoroughly and that you are certain this is appropriate to suit your needs. We also suggest you pray about your decision as to which products the Lord may want you to have to enhance your ministry unto Him.

When someone orders a custom silk, we seek the Lord and ask Him what He wants to say to the individual and that’s what gets created to the best of our abilities. This is one of the other reasons we don’t do returns and exchanges, because we’ve given the word we understood the Lord to have said – we aren’t in a position to “control” that nor go back to Him and say “this isn’t the word the person wanted Lord, please give us a different one.”

We know sometimes the Lord gives words that stretch people or that they don’t immediately understand. We encourage you to take the word you receive through this ministry to the Lord and press into Him to find out more about what He is speaking. We’ve discovered sometimes He will intentionally do things we wouldn’t choose simply to get our attention or to challenge us. Find out more on our blog post Gelah Raz (the Revealer of Mysteries).

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask them up front! Dyeing is not an exact science – and sometimes we get surprises, but that’s part of what makes these products so unique.

You’ll want to be sure to check out the care info so you’ll know how to take care of your products.

We hope you are blessed by these custom Dyed4you Ministries silk and art products!