Kingdom Child

Mark 10:14-15 (AMP) But when Jesus saw this, He was indignant and He said to them, “Allow the children to come to Me; do not forbid them; for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. I assure you and most solemnly say to you, whoever does not receive and welcome the kingdom of God like a child will not enter it at all.”

God loves those who are childlike, full of faith and trust and filled with the light of His love and life. They don’t allow the lies of the enemy to shut them down. They turn their gaze on their Abba Daddy, King of the Universe, and their Shepherd, knowing He guards and protects them, and they move forward into all God has. These Kingdom children know that God delights in their exuberance and passion and play. They know He leads them and protects them, guarding their path and enabling their joyful, playful light of life to come forth and shine – making way for those who have been crushed in spirit to return to Abba Daddy and be restored into their joy-filled, passionate purpose once again. Continue reading “Kingdom Child”

Come to the Table

I awake in the morning to the sound of bird song. I sit up and look around the room You prepared for me. It’s warm and inviting and as the sunlight streams through my window I feel content but as I arise to start my day, I feel pain in my body, my mind and my heart…then I remember…the long battle. I try to shake the images of the battle from my mind but it doesn’t work and I start to panic. Then I hear You humming in the kitchen. The sound of Your humming is like the Balm of Gilead. It soothes my heart, my body and my soul. A gentle breeze of Your shalom touches me and I arise from my bed. Continue reading “Come to the Table”

Come Sit With Me

Come sit with Me My child. Restore yourself in Me. I will replenish you. I will give you new vision. I will restore your heart for those in need. Come sit at My feet and hear My heart. Hear how it cries out for the wounded and broken. Hear how it cries out for you: to restore you, replenish you, feed you, give you water for your dry and thirsty land.

You are precious to Me. I do not want you spent. I do not want you empty. Be refilled and renewed in Me. Be made whole. Be restored. Then your vision will become clear. Then you can see what I am doing and join Me. Continue reading “Come Sit With Me”

Field Vision

Close my eyes and see a vision of a field, peaceful green field. In it is a huge towering tree and nearby is a creek winding its way around the out skirts of the field.  I see children in the field, mostly young girls at the age of 5-7 years old.

One is running and playing with the tall blades of grass as she freely runs and dances with the twirling of her little skirt and playing with the tall grass with her fingers.  Another is bending down exploring a huge caterpillar and wondering where its home is and captured by the need to watch it to move along.  She is unaware of anything else but exploring and admiring this little creature. Continue reading “Field Vision”

I Am with You

I have said I go with you, before you and am your rear guard. What or who should you fear?  No one or no thing. For I am always with you,  I do not leave you and I never will. I know others have hurt you and left but I Am and I do not turn away from my children. I gave you the Authority, same one Jesus had while walking on this Earth. Do not allow any fear or intimidation to come over you!  You are mine child and I stand by you and I fight for you.  I will protect my own as a natural parent protects their own child and even in nature animals protect their own.  Why do you not think that I will protect you any less than animals or humans, I will shield you.   Continue reading “I Am with You”

Be a Child Again

Remember when you were a child and the whole world was filled with amazing new things to explore. To touch, see and hear new things. You had no fears then, you would climb trees and ride your bike downhill very fast and you were not afraid.  You were amazed at the smallest thing, an ant hill, a butterfly, a puddle was your delight. Continue reading “Be a Child Again”

The Invitation

{feeling and sensing} a thick weightiness – like someone placing a blanket around you, but placing it from back to front so it drapes over you!  But it’s not a blanket – it feels warm and light at the same time – like you are safe and surrounded. It is not like a demanding pressure trying to hold you down, but more like a newborn babe who is swaddled. You instantly know you are very safe and secure. It is love straight from the Father directly aimed at you.  It’s so pure and heavy but at the same time light as a feather – and you wonder how is that even possible but you know it’s both of these things. At times it pours over you from the top of your head down your body – like a liquid honey, but so much more than that. It doesn’t leave you sticky and messy, but filled with such overwhelming love.  You would love to just stay in this place forever.   Continue reading “The Invitation”

Rest and Know You Are Mine

Psalm 68:6 (NLT) God places the lonely in families…

Beloved, you are not alone. I AM with you and I will never leave you. Though there may be times your earthly family lets you down, I will never leave you or forsake you. I have chosen you and will never let you go.

I hold you close in your times of need, and I send others to be a blessing on My behalf. Beloved, embrace those I put in your life. Allow those divine connections to nurture your spirit and build you up. Allow them to reflect My heart to you and speak life over you. Allow them to clearly reflect back to you the truth of who you are rather than a distorted perception.

But even in these special friendships that are a gift from Me, remember that though they may reflect Me and act on My behalf, they are not Me and cannot act as a replacement. I work through them, but ultimately the love you seek is found in Me.

I know the truth about you and believe it unwaveringly. I know that you are precious, you are worth knowing, and you are worth loving. You are beautiful, cherished, and My heart for you is steadfast. But most of all, I have claimed you and called you My own. So, beloved, rest and know that you are Mine.

The Truth About Blessings

Numbers 23:20 (VOICE) Look here, I received a word of blessing, and He has spoken a blessing. I cannot take it back.

Beloved, My promises are yes and amen. I AM not capricious nor am I looking for reasons to change My mind. When I bless, I have blessed, and that blessing remains.

Resist the urge to be offended if the blessing is conditional, for I make the conditions known from the onset that you may choose rightly. Refuse to behave like a spoiled child who feels entitled to all life’s joys without care or responsibility.

What kind of Father would I be if I corrupted My children? I AM a good Father. So yes, some blessings come as a result of behavior, but also some come simply as a result of My generous love and desire to bless (like sunshine and rain).

So receive with gratitude all you have been given. Trust that I have reason for each thing I grant or withhold, release or delay. But you can rest assured that each decision is being made from a heart filled with love for you, and that even in the moments of trial I AM there. Continue reading “The Truth About Blessings”

Manifest Support

Psalm 3:5 (VOICE) I lie down at night and fall asleep. I awake in the morning— healthy, strong, vibrant —because the Eternal supports me.

Beloved, when you lie down I AM there, and when you rise up I AM there. I AM always with you, and My hand always upholds you. My support of you is steadfast, and in it you can find rest and peace. Dwell in Me. Allow yourself to feel My touch, for it is there – steadfast and sure, unchanging and steady, I AM there.

Knowing I AM with you and that I support you, look to Me. Look to Me in times of trouble. Look to Me for comfort. Look to Me for encouragement. Find in Me your joy. Whatever the need, look to Me.