Rest Awaits

Garden of Abiding” by Meghan Williams of Dyed4you Art

How does one deal with the swirling chaos that may surround us,
Losing focus as it blinds us?
Overwhelmed and in despair,
Seems no one stops and bothers to care.

Amidst all the chaos,
Sets in confusion,
So many thoughts have become an intrusion.

Stealing one’s joy and stealing one’s peace
as the heart cries out,
“Someone please help me!”

But have you forgotten you’re a child of God?
Jesus is the One you call on
that keeps hope alive.

When life’s circumstances are a bit of a mess
Jesus calls you,
“Come to Me, and you’ll find rest.”

Jesus says, “You need only keep your eyes on Me.
The world you now see,
You’ll walk out in victory.

But for now, you come and take it easy.
Once you’ve rested,
It’ll be easier to hear Me.

For My voice will come softly
As a gentle whisper,
Calming your hurts
And tending your heart’s blisters.

Your world may seem dark now
And voided of light,
but as you lean into Me,
all will be all right.”

{praying} Lord, I lift up those who have found themselves in a dark place, where the struggles are real and hope is fading as the light gets dimmer. Their world seems to be closing in on them, and they can find no peace from within. Lord, please encourage their hearts to see You, their Source. Return hope to them, and fill them with joy. May they believe again, as their eyes are opened to see You, their Friend. You are the Light that will restore life again. This I ask in Jesus’ name. Let it be so. Thank You!

by Elisha Freeman

The Place of Preparation

Seek the Light” by Meghan Williams of Dyed4you Art

We may not always expect our place of preparation to be a pit as it was for Joseph (starting in Genesis 37), but such was certainly the case for me in my walk. Something my son Jonathan said to me some time ago comes to my mind a lot. When I spoke of how God seemed to use me more than I would have expected when I was in the pit, Jonathan’s reply was,“To you, it was a pit, but to God it was a place of preparation.” Continue reading “The Place of Preparation”

Radiant Bride

There is a bridal gown – white and beautiful, covered in glittery jewels making it shine bright. And as I stand looking at it, I am struck with the thought, “how can I possibly wear this?” I feel so unworthy.  I feel the weight of shame from my past – innocence lost, mistakes made.  The loud voices saying “You are not enough.” Continue reading “Radiant Bride”

Complete Surrender

I am startled out of a deep slumber by the sound of banging. At first I am afraid but then curiosity gets the best of me. I get out of bed and notice the whole house is so lifeless, old and dark. The only light is from the moon as it shines through the windows. There is little light to guide me as I make my way toward the sound that awoke me. I can see well enough to make out an open door at the end of the hall. As I approach the door I realize that’s where the banging is coming from. The room is completely empty. As I enter the room I can see a figure banging on the wall with bare hands like they are trying to break through. Continue reading “Complete Surrender”

Barren No More

I am awakened by the sound of the wind. How I got to the wilderness I don’t know, but I am keenly aware of the ground beneath me. It’s dry and cracked with no life at all. I lift my eyes to look around and all I see is dry, barren, cracked ground. The wind sends the dust from the ground to and fro. I shield my eyes from the bright sun and the dust of this harsh landscape.  Continue reading “Barren No More”