Verdant Outlook

Lush Garden” by Meghan Williams, Dyed4you Art

Life and growth lie ahead. Expanding before you is a lush valley that is ripe with possibility. Seeing shades of green and pink – the colors of spring and possibility—new buds, verdant greens, and blossoms bursting forth in all their splendor. Sometimes, we choose to see a blank canvas as a void, but in reality, it is the very picture of possibility—it is a prepared space for beauty to take place. In the same way, the space before you is a prepared space for much life, beauty, and growth to take place. So step in —like a child skipping across the grass—with joy and expectation of more joy, and embrace the wonder that is to come, for it is good!

Live: Guard Your Thoughts

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  • Card Pull: Guard Your Thoughts (which includes me tattling on myself and sharing a related story – “what story are you telling yourself?”)
    • The “GUARD YOUR THOUGHTS” card from D4Yart Deck 2 is connected to this. The card is based on the “Warrior Bride” Dyed4you Art piece, and it reads, “We all struggle with thoughts and behaviors that are no longer serving us, but some cause even more harm because they’re toxic, and it’s time to let them go. Just as your physical body experiences pain or discomfort when it’s holding waste or toxins, emotional toxins causes harm too. Take a moment to intentionally dump the toxins and refuse to pick them back up because it’s time to move on and heal.”

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Lunchtime Live: Favor of God

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Lunchtime Live: Faith in Trials (Again?!)

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Lunchtime Live: He is the King of Glory 

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Lunchtime Live: God’s Heart of Mercy

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Lunchtime Live: Mercy

Lunchtime Live: Mercy

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Lunchtime Live: Expect the Rain

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Lunchtime Live: Confidence in God

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Moving at the Speed of Grace

{vision} I saw a sign on a road showing that the speed limit was 55. There was a blurred line through the middle of the 55, and I knew there were words printed there.

I saw this vision just before I opened my eyes one recent morning. I sensed this was a “sign” for the spiritual speed limit for my day. Immediately, I knew the “55” represented a multiplication of grace. I also recognized the words that I couldn’t read symbolized a “word” that God had for me through this vision. This word would bring clarity to a repeated message He had been speaking in the Spirit: “Slow down.” Continue reading “Moving at the Speed of Grace”