Rest Awaits

Garden of Abiding” by Meghan Williams of Dyed4you Art

How does one deal with the swirling chaos that may surround us,
Losing focus as it blinds us?
Overwhelmed and in despair,
Seems no one stops and bothers to care.

Amidst all the chaos,
Sets in confusion,
So many thoughts have become an intrusion.

Stealing one’s joy and stealing one’s peace
as the heart cries out,
“Someone please help me!”

But have you forgotten you’re a child of God?
Jesus is the One you call on
that keeps hope alive.

When life’s circumstances are a bit of a mess
Jesus calls you,
“Come to Me, and you’ll find rest.”

Jesus says, “You need only keep your eyes on Me.
The world you now see,
You’ll walk out in victory.

But for now, you come and take it easy.
Once you’ve rested,
It’ll be easier to hear Me.

For My voice will come softly
As a gentle whisper,
Calming your hurts
And tending your heart’s blisters.

Your world may seem dark now
And voided of light,
but as you lean into Me,
all will be all right.”

{praying} Lord, I lift up those who have found themselves in a dark place, where the struggles are real and hope is fading as the light gets dimmer. Their world seems to be closing in on them, and they can find no peace from within. Lord, please encourage their hearts to see You, their Source. Return hope to them, and fill them with joy. May they believe again, as their eyes are opened to see You, their Friend. You are the Light that will restore life again. This I ask in Jesus’ name. Let it be so. Thank You!

by Elisha Freeman

Do I Trust

Do I trust Him with my life, or do I create strife.
Do I yield to His love, or act like it’s not enough.
Do I listen for His voice, or seek another choice.
Do I stop, be still and know; or am I too impatient to be slow.
Do I stay in the word, or listen to others I’ve heard.
Do I pray to Him, or just be quiet then.
I have a choice and I know it. He has clearly shown it.
Which way will I go, how much further along the road.
Until finally I lay down my piece of the crown.
The one I try to carry on my head but meanwhile my heart is dead.
Let me lay down my crown and exchange it for a gown.
Turn this heart of stone into a treasure only He can own.
Oh, to just trust that He really only wants the best for us.
To give myself away to Him is the greatest plan.
To let Him take me by the hand and lead me to the promise land.
Trust, trust Him I must, this is the better choice.
To let Him in my heart, to have a reason to rejoice.
Oh to trust Him more and more, is truly making my heart soar.