Guard Your Wellspring

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Beloved, you are called to be a conduit. Remember that as God pours out, you receive, and then in turn you pour out to others around you. Therefore, it is vital to bear in mind the state of your vessel. For its condition will flavor all that which you pour forth. Just as the flavor water takes when poured from glass, metal, and plastic are each different, so His flow pouring through you will take on your “flavor.”

If you are a bitter vessel, your flow will be bitter, but if your heart is right and pure, your flow will be sweet. So be intentional to yield to His loving correction that He might cleanse away any areas that would taint your flavor. 

As John 3:30 says, may we be lesser that He might be greater. We must desire to be vessels that take a backseat to His flow. It isn’t about us, but rather it’s all about Him. So as we walk in humble obedience, we will be pure vessels whose flow is sweet. 

So beloved, guard the wellspring of your heart so that when your mouth speaks from your heart’s overflow, the waters are sweet and life-giving. May your flow accurately reflect His flavor, so all those you touch might be refreshed by His love flowing through you.

Proverbs 4:23 (AMP) Watch over your heart with all diligence, For from it flow the springs of life.

John 3:30 (AMP) He must increase [in prominence], but I must decrease.

Luke 6:45 (VOICE) …A person full of goodness in his heart produces good things; a person with an evil reservoir in his heart pours out evil things. The heart overflows in the words a person speaks; your words reveal what’s within your heart.

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