Loving Yourself

Invitation to Love (no text version) by Meghan Williams of Dyed4you Art 

Beloved, what I have made is good, and you are included in that creation. It is essential that you both accept and love yourself. Accept yourself as being beautiful. Accept yourself as being worth loving. Accept yourself as you are. Refuse to give conditional love to yourself. Rather overflow with unconditional love knowing that you are a work in progress, and, as you yield to My Spirit, further progress and beauty will take place. Give space for the process.

Beloved, you see before you a doorway of decision. On the other side is the golden warmth of love and acceptance, so resist the urge to choose to stay in a place of darkness. Choose to walk through into the fullness of life that comes with embracing a lack of judgment – complete acceptance – of yourself. 

Beloved, when you look at a flower in its natural habitat, do you look at all its imperfections? Do you look at the slight browning on one of the petals or the spot that is on one of the leaves? Or do you take it in as a whole in all its utter beauty? When you experience the flower in its entirety rather than picking apart its pieces, you can see it for the stunning creation that it is.

In the same way, resist the urge to nitpick yourself and all of what you view as your flaws and imperfections. Instead, mentally step back and take a birdseye view. See yourself through my eyes, and begin to understand the beauty and glory that is you. For truly you have been fearfully and wonderfully made – you are good and glorious in your creation! Treat yourself as the magnificent expression of Me that you are. 

When you have learned to extend eyes of grace and mercy to yourself, then you are truly equipped to extend it to others. Paying lipservice isn’t enough. It is not enough to say the right things to others when your thoughts are secretly judging them (and it is too easy for it to happen without even realizing it).  But whether it is done consciously or not, if that is the heart from which your words flow that sense of judgment will be felt regardless of whether the words were spoken. Just as you yourself have likely felt judgment even when none was spoken, so will they.

Beloved, decide who you want to be. Do you want to be someone who walks in true unconditional love and grace? Or do you want to be someone who is critical and holding judgment? The choice is obvious and it is your, so choose wisely. Love and love well, and remember that doing so begins with loving yourself.

Mark 12:31 (VOICE) The second great commandment is this: “Love others in the same way you love yourself.” There are no commandments more important than these.

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