The Tsunami

by Jessica Smith Art

In a dream, I saw a tsunami coming from afar. It was a monstrous wall of water that would bring devastation. The sight of it was dreadful. As it approached, fear increased, and I anticipated the blow with anxiety and uncertainty. But when it came upon me I was suddenly filled with the Holy Spirit. And instead of the massive wave overtaking me, I lept up on it and ran up it walking on water. 

I ran. I ran with speed and agility up the colossal water mountain. Fear was gone. Instead, I felt incredible confidence and excitement. I saw other Christians all around me running up the tsunami as well. Many were stopping on their way to the top to pull drowning people out of the water. Some of those drowning were also Christians. They were the weak ones, the ones in sin, the fearful. I pulled several out of the water and helped them gain enough faith to stand on the water like on solid ground, and I shouted, “Get up! Run!” I knew they had to keep enough faith to run on top of the tsunami or they would sink and be devoured by it. I ran on. God was calling me to the top.

When I reached the top of this monster wave of water, I expected to see more water, but there was solid level ground… and it was a much higher level up than the ground I came from. 

This tsunami was sent to destroy us, but God used it as a way to bring His people to a higher level. 

This is the kind of amazing victory God gives His people. He makes us more than conquerors. He gives us the strength we need to fight the good fight of faith. And in the end, instead of evil overtaking us, God uses it to bring us to greater levels.

by Jessica Smith

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