Conduit of Blessing

1 Corinthians 13:4-8 (TPT) …Love does not traffic in shame…

Beloved, nothing is gained by putting others down. Sarcasm and mockery at another’s expense speaks to the character of the one whose breath carries it and the one whose amusement supports it, not the one to whom it’s addressed – even when it is intended in jest. You never know what will be the “last straw” for a hurting heart, so don’t take a chance your words may be it. Refuse to indulge in careless words remembering you are held accountable for every one that leaves your mouth.

You have a choice to bless or to curse, choose to bless. Do it consistently and do it often. Be intentional to build up, see the good, speak to the potential – prophesy, beloved! Let your mouth be a conduit of blessing and your words a river of life. Let My living water flow forth from within you untainted and sweet. Be known by your delicious fruit that tastes like Me. Continue reading “Conduit of Blessing”

Be Undeterred

Luke 18:5 (NLT) but this woman is driving me crazy. I’m going to see that she gets justice, because she is wearing me out with her constant requests!

Beloved, refuse to be discouraged. Press on and press in. Stay focused on My promises and on Truth. Refuse to accept anything less. I AM the righteous judge, Elohim Mishpat. I will mete out justice according to My wisdom, which is perfect and righteous. Trust Me. Trust My ability to protect and provide, redeem and renew.

Be undeterred. I have given you the vision, refuse to align with anything short of what you have seen. Demand that heaven invade earth. Speak forth life. Prophesy truth. Take each thought captive that seeks to oppose My word – both written and Spirit-breathed. My word is truth, beloved, and I will see it to completion.

What is a Prophetic Word?

This was something I shared on both the Dyed4you and Dyed4you Art blogs, but felt it was worth sharing here as well.  Last week I also re-shared How-To Receive a Prophetic Word, and on our sites we talk about the letters (prophetic words) that come with our silk and art and the fact that they are supposed to be a portion of a conversation with God, not an entire conversation in and of themselves. These prophetic pieces are intended to facilitate conversation with God, add a dimension to interactions that are hopefully already occurring, or begin conversation if none is. Ultimately, relationship with Him is what we all should be working on and trying to strength and deepen.  Continue reading “What is a Prophetic Word?”

How-To Receive a Prophetic Word

Having been in prophetic ministry for over a decade, this is a topic I am passionate about.  One of the things I’ve noticed over the years is that as charismatics we share many words from God; however, we give very little context for what to DO with those words.

Some believers – often ones new to the gifts of the Spirit, but even some who aren’t – end up hurt (and even angry at God) because they got a “word” that didn’t come to pass, or they tried to make happen, etc. Most of the time, they didn’t know how to properly receive a prophetic word. Without that context, they were ripe for getting hurt, which can often lead to people feeling like God let them down (even falling away), instead of realizing their leaders have simply failed to teach them vital information. Continue reading “How-To Receive a Prophetic Word”