True Power and Vision

The Seer (Dyed4you Art flag version) by Meghan Williams

Beloved, just as an eagle can see with amazing visual acuity, so My seers are able to do so with their spiritual eyes. They are able to rightly divide the holy from the profane, right from wrong, and they see underlying motivations that might be hidden from others. 

I AM giving this through the power of My Holy Spirit that My children might not be lead astray when they’re seeking to follow Me. May My children have ears to hear the warnings brought by My seers, and may My seers be alert, see rightly, and share what they see in My timing at My direction.

And may all My children passionately pursue My heart, for therein lies the key to discernment. For I AM the One who sees and knows all things, and I share My thoughts and My heart with those who draw close to Me and seek to know Me more. This is where true power and vision come from. 

Amos 3:7 (VOICE) …The Eternal Lord does nothing Without revealing His plan to His servants, the prophets. They are His spokespeople.

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