The Prodigal

I think about how I wandered far from You.

I didn’t want You to tell me what I should or shouldn’t do.

I clung to my sin and chose to live on my own accord.

The cost was more than I could ever afford.

So into the darkness is where I went.

All the while forgetting how much of Your blood was spent.

I just wanted to do my own thing, not thinking about the grief it would bring.

At first sin was fun, it was so carefree.

Then I realized the devil himself had a hold of me.

I got scared and wanted to return but I was filled with shame.

Even so, I called upon Your Name.

The Savior’s heart filled with love was sent to rescue me from Heaven above.

With sword in hand, You fought for me.

You took down every giant just to set me free.

You took me home, cleaned me up and gave me a new robe.

I knew in that moment, never again would ever I roam.

Thank you Lord for loving a sinner like me.

With You and You alone, I will always be.

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