Listen to My Sound

Heartbeat of Heaven by Meghan Williams of Dyed4you Art

Attune your ears to the spiritual – focus on this realm and not on the natural realm. Do you hear it My child? 

The sound of My heartbeat!   It is steady and pure.  Sounds of delight over you! Sounds of Victory!  A roaring sound when I go into battle. The sound of heaven arising to be a witness of what I desire to bring to earth.

Catch the sounds that are coming, and fall into the rhythm of Me.  I am in every note, each beat, and every cadence.  As you come into alignment with the sound, you are aligning with Me and My Kingdom.  You have the ability to bring that sound into this natural atmosphere.  I urge you to do so.  Let heaven invade earth.  

Launch My sound into the air and watch how things shift and change for the better. Surround yourself with My symphony. My sound can even change outcomes. The sound of rustling in the mulberry trees brought about a great victory.  As the sound of rain signals a blessing from Me, listen for My sounds.

How did I create the Earth and every living thing? I spoke it into existence. There is great power in My sound.  Attune your ears to Me.

2 Replies to “Listen to My Sound”

  1. Beautiful. We touch and dance to this music with each incoming breath. As we labor to draw in air, we choose life once again. It moves into our bodies and changes us. There is no lack. There is enough for everyone. Peace. Fellowship. Life. Awareness. Loving awareness.

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