Radiant Bride

There is a bridal gown – white and beautiful, covered in glittery jewels making it shine bright. And as I stand looking at it, I am struck with the thought, “how can I possibly wear this?” I feel so unworthy.  I feel the weight of shame from my past – innocence lost, mistakes made.  The loud voices saying “You are not enough.” Continue reading “Radiant Bride”

Our Lion Shepherd

Peaceable Kingdom by Meghan Williams of Dyed4you Art piece

Our Lion Shepherd looks after the sheep – the Father takes care of each one. He is gentle with us, but in an instant our fierce Lion Shepherd can come out and roar over any who threaten His sheep. He is protective of His flock with His eyes ever watchful. He guides us along the path of life and as the path gets hard, He never leaves us. He gives true rest by the refreshing of His stream, nourishing our parched areas. He gives out daily blessings, may we always be thankful for His grace and kindness. The true Shepherd tending His sheep. Continue reading “Our Lion Shepherd”

Tend Your Light

Your light, Father, it calls to us – like a lighthouse on a bank surrounded by a body of water. It may be the very dark of night and the storm may be raging around us, but the beacon of hope is shining out. It is guiding us back to safety, back to the wonderful warm glow of light that floods – out piercing any darkness. The light is brighter in the darkness, and the darkness cannot shut it out.  Continue reading “Tend Your Light”

Deep Love

I love you so much My child. So much more than you can wrap your head around. My love is so different than earthly love that you know of. My love is not based on appearance; how you look, what size you are, what clothes you wear, if you wear the latest fashion or not, if you wear makeup or not. My love is not based on how many titles, or degrees you have by your name; education is good, but not required for Me to love you.  Continue reading “Deep Love”

Break Off the Yoke of the Mundane

Know that your life is more than just ordinary routines. You think in the way of this world, but there is so much more when you expand your thinking outside the realm of this world. It’s not bad to have a schedule of things to do, but I’m asking you to be open to have your schedule completely turned upside down – to be willing to seek Me in all things and let Me guide you. If you will but let Me guide you, then even the mundane tasks can turn into encounters in My realm. Continue reading “Break Off the Yoke of the Mundane”

Do I Trust

Do I trust Him with my life, or do I create strife.
Do I yield to His love, or act like it’s not enough.
Do I listen for His voice, or seek another choice.
Do I stop, be still and know; or am I too impatient to be slow.
Do I stay in the word, or listen to others I’ve heard.
Do I pray to Him, or just be quiet then.
I have a choice and I know it. He has clearly shown it.
Which way will I go, how much further along the road.
Until finally I lay down my piece of the crown.
The one I try to carry on my head but meanwhile my heart is dead.
Let me lay down my crown and exchange it for a gown.
Turn this heart of stone into a treasure only He can own.
Oh, to just trust that He really only wants the best for us.
To give myself away to Him is the greatest plan.
To let Him take me by the hand and lead me to the promise land.
Trust, trust Him I must, this is the better choice.
To let Him in my heart, to have a reason to rejoice.
Oh to trust Him more and more, is truly making my heart soar.

King of Kings

I am the King of Kings and Lord of lords. My Name is above every other name on this Earth. Each country bears my divine creative mark. Each tribe of people on the earth; uniquely made for a plan and purpose. 

All interwoven for a beautiful masterpiece, created to bring Me – the King of Kings – all glory.  Continue reading “King of Kings”

Field Vision

Close my eyes and see a vision of a field, peaceful green field. In it is a huge towering tree and nearby is a creek winding its way around the out skirts of the field.  I see children in the field, mostly young girls at the age of 5-7 years old.

One is running and playing with the tall blades of grass as she freely runs and dances with the twirling of her little skirt and playing with the tall grass with her fingers.  Another is bending down exploring a huge caterpillar and wondering where its home is and captured by the need to watch it to move along.  She is unaware of anything else but exploring and admiring this little creature. Continue reading “Field Vision”