A Time of Water and Fruit

Spring up oh well! Tap into the store house, the reservoir that never runs dry. It is there. Remove the mindsets that say it’s too hard, that it’s impossible to attain. It is in front of you. Each step brings you closer to the well. Each step removes the constrictions, the mindsets, the perceptions, the fears that keep you blinded to the well of living water that never runs dry. It is there for the taking. Remove the blindfold, remove the blindfold, REMOVE THE BLINDFOLD. (Firm tone)

Bring in the harvest. Bring in the fruit. There is an abundance. Taste and SEE the Lord is good. He brings the rain. He brings the harvest. He brings all that is needed. Do not worry about lack. He fills all needs. See the fruit. Do not over look the bounty that comes from simple means. Bless the fruit and see the full harvest.

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