Lunchtime Live: The Power in Active Resting

  • Announcement: Daily Downloads from Heaven, Volume 2 preorder link should be up this week πŸ™ŒπŸ» 
  • Show and tell: Jehovah Tsaba (Lord of Hosts flag I shared about last week (on Etsy) and (in honor of Resurrection week) The Blood and The Bride flags (on Etsy), Yeshua flag (on Etsy) and Yeshua tallit
  • Testimony: power twins with their matching Powerhouse tallits 😊 
  • Prophetic Nugget (Daily Downloads from Heaven): I AM YHVH Manowc (the Lord your Refuge)
  • Dyed4you Art: Embrace the Adventure
  • Dyed4you silk: large handled bendie wings (8mm aka β€œstandard” weight silk) called Powerhouse (on Etsy)
  • Other stuff: MeghanW post called β€œNo Fear (Psalm 53:5)”

Other info: 

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