Move to the Beat of His Heart

“Heartbeat of Heaven” by Meghan Williams, Dyed4you Art

{Visual} I see the Father’s heart and our heart inside of His heart. As His heart is beating, our hearts are beating to the rhythm of His heartbeat. We are entering into the new season with our heart positioned inside of the heart of the Father. This is the beat we are to move to. Move to the beat of His heart.

During quarantine, we entered into a divine pause. A delightful time of stilling away with Papa God. A time of rest. A time of healing and refreshing, personally, as well as in marriage, family, and within the family of God—the church.

Those who have positioned their hearts to hear and receive from the heart of the Father for the new, this is a time of receiving heaven’s will, heaven’s plan, and heaven’s agenda.

Do not be afraid to release the old for the new

This has been and remains to be the time of cuddling up into our own personal “nook” in Papa’s heart. A time to release the past–exchanging the old for the new.

For some, the last season was a season of building without God. For others, it was a season of following His blueprint, but that blueprint has expired. It was the blueprint for the last season. It’s time for an upgrade. It’s time to walk into the new.

Repent, no guilt, no condemnation

If we have been moving to our own beat, building in the name of “doing it for God,” yet the intentions and motives of our heart are impure—repent.

It’s time to turn your attention back on Jesus. It’s time to enter in and live from the secret place in right relationship with the Anointed One. It is from this place you will receive clarity of vision and no longer find yourself “searching in the dark.”

For those who have been trying to build and have found yourself striving– feeling like an orphan, like one who has to “fend for yourself.” This has been a season of awakening for you. In the place you have released your plans and expectations, you have seen the faithfulness and provision of your Father like never before. Through repentance, you have repositioned your heart; refuse to ponder on your past mistakes. God has forgiven you. It’s time to release the weight by forgiving yourself. Papa will continue to reveal His faithful provision to you as He gives you a greater awareness of your identity as His son, His daughter.

This is a time of intentionality. This is a time of releasing what was and moving forward into what is and what will be. We can only accomplish this in partnership with the Father.

Now is the time

This is a time of intentionality. This is a time of releasing what was and moving forward into what is and what will be. It’s a time of healing. A time to forgive. A time of reconciliation. A time to love. A time of rejoicing. A time of overflowing joy. A time of conception. A time of birthing. It’s time to move to the rhythm of Papa’s heartbeat!

As we come out of this divine pause I hear these words:

  • Upgraded Creativity
  • Increased Sensitivity (to His presence and the leading of His Spirit)
  • Clarity of Vision
  • Boldness
  • Courage
  • Identity

A supernatural understanding and revelation of knowing who you are in Him and who He is in you. A readjusting of your vision to see what heaven sees and to hear what heaven is speaking with greater clarity. {Visual} I see a tuning, just as one would tune a musical instrument, you have been finely tuned, into the frequency of heaven.

Guard what you have received

“Guard what I have released to you from within the secret place of My heart”, I hear the Father say. “Guard what I have given you as you would protect a prized, cherished possession. Do not cast it away. Do not cast the pearls I’ve given you to those who are stuck in the old and have no desire for the new thing I am doing.

It’s not too late

If you’re reading this and find yourself saying, “I’ve missed it,” you’re not too late. Start now. Release everything that has come to distract you. Climb into your personal nook in His heart and be intentional about being with Him. Guard your time with Him. Become as protective over your time with Papa God as a mama bear is over her cubs.

On the days you don’t feel like it, do it anyway. Climb up into your personal nook in Papa’s heart. He has a special nook in His heart He created just for you and Him!

May we remain in our personal nook in your heart Papa. May we drown out the noise of the world with our bold stance of stillness. May our hearts align with Your heart and may we move to the rhythm of Heaven’s heartbeat. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Heaven’s will, heaven’s plan, heaven’s agenda.

[ “Move to the Beat of His Heart” originally posted on Live Life Free, reposted in its entirety with permission.]

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