My Promise to You

A sky so dark, smoke rising from the ground.
Broken and battle weary, not an ally to be found.
Bruised and battered, I fall to my knees.
I cry out loud, “Lord help me please!”

The enemy sees me and feigns sympathy.
He sighs and says, “If you’d only serve me.
I can fix everything just as you like.
A peaceful life without any strife.”

“Away from me, Satan! I don’t belong to you!”
He roars in defeat and says, “God doesn’t love you.
Stay on the ground covered in sin!!
That’s where you belong and you will never win!”

Sobbing out loud, I sink face down.
In my heart I feel I have no right to make a sound.
I dig at the ground to bury my sin.
But the sound of my cry is lifted up by the wind.

It floods Your throne room and You hearken my cry.
Out of the heavens You quickly fly.
You come to my rescue, lift me up from the dirt.
You cleanse me with hyssop, You heal my hurt.

You remove my tattered garments, a new robe I adorn.
“My child I rejoiced on the day you were born.
You’re destined for greatness, just wait and see.
Stay steadfast, stay focused, keep your eyes fixed on Me.”

A gold sash for my waist, a crown for my head.
You tell me to always remember what You’ve said.
“I love you forever no matter what you do.
Just call out my name and I’ll be here for you.”

You hug me tight and I lean against Your chest.
Safe in Your arms is the best place to rest.
“You’ll love me forever no matter what I do?”
“Yes my child. That’s my promise to you.”

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