Break Off the Yoke of the Mundane

Know that your life is more than just ordinary routines. You think in the way of this world, but there is so much more when you expand your thinking outside the realm of this world. It’s not bad to have a schedule of things to do, but I’m asking you to be open to have your schedule completely turned upside down – to be willing to seek Me in all things and let Me guide you. If you will but let Me guide you, then even the mundane tasks can turn into encounters in My realm.

Each person you pass on the way of “doing life” can be divinely aligned for a purpose. If you but look at it through the lens of expectation, it can be a joyful ride. You will be a recipient to receive.  A lesson to be learned, a thing to celebrate, a blessing for the giver and the receiver. 

If you will but take a moment to breathe Me into the situation – ask Me and be willing to listen when I speak,  the encounters will break up the mundane. I created you to live life to fullness, not to just go through the motions. There is so much more that we together can partner to bring forth.  There can be some challenging bumpy roads ahead, but oh, if you but walk this way – what treasures may we unearth together.  Some hidden jewels, some manna fresh from heaven awaits you, just begging to be found. Seek out the treasures my child.

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