Come to the Table

I awake in the morning to the sound of bird song. I sit up and look around the room You prepared for me. It’s warm and inviting and as the sunlight streams through my window I feel content but as I arise to start my day, I feel pain in my body, my mind and my heart…then I remember…the long battle. I try to shake the images of the battle from my mind but it doesn’t work and I start to panic. Then I hear You humming in the kitchen. The sound of Your humming is like the Balm of Gilead. It soothes my heart, my body and my soul. A gentle breeze of Your shalom touches me and I arise from my bed.

I follow the sound of Your voice to the kitchen and pause in the doorway. I watch as You are preparing something on the stove. Without turning around you say, “Come in and sit down child. It’s almost ready.” I sit down at the counter. I look at the ingredients to see if I can figure out what you are making. I try to read the labels of the ingredients but the writing is too small to see from where I am sitting so I finally ask, “What are You making Abba?” You turn and look at me with the biggest smile and a wink. You continue humming and shalom floods the kitchen. You add a spoonful of this and a pinch of that. It smells heavenly!

“My child, will you set the table?” I obediently get up and start to start to set the table. All of the dishes and utensils are made of the brightest purest silver. I marvel at the site of them as I place them on the table. As I finish setting the table I see you reach into the very top shelf of the cabinet. You take down a large round canister make of pure gold. You turn around and wink at me again and I can’t help but to giggle. You open the canister and a warm golden glow mingles with the sunlight and fills the room. You take a HUGE spoonful and add it to the pot and speak over it in a language I have never heard before and a rushing wind whips through the kitchen and the grounds shakes but I am not afraid.

You bring the pot to the table and serve me my portion before Your own. You sit across from me with a twinkle in Your eye. “You have been asking me to prepare this for you for a long time. I hope it’s everything you hoped for.” Then You reach across the table take my hand to bless the food. I dig in…it tastes so good!! It’s warmth starts to heal my entire body from my wounds. I ask for a second portion and You smile and tell me that I have as much as I want. We lock eyes and I feel Your love me. I can’t help but to smile, then I feel a giggle start to bubble up inside of me. I let it out and You start to giggle with me and before I know it we are both laughing so hard that we have tears in our eyes.

After a beautiful long laugh I finally ask, “What did you serve me Abba?” You look at me with such tenderness. You reach across the table to take my hand. You’re quiet for a moment. So I ask again, “Abba, what did you serve me?” You look at me with tears in your eyes and say, “Something you have been waiting for and asking for. My child, I served you joy.”

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