Cultivate Boldness

Beloved, cultivate your walk in boldness with Me. Let your life in boldness come forth from My solid foundation, for your boldness is birthed in who I AM, not in your own abilities and inaccurate perceptions of yourself. Let your boldness flow from Who I am – that is your base for who you are. 

I called to Moses from a burning bush; he answered, “Here I am.” I reminded him of Who I Am; then I spoke of how I had heard the cries of My people under the heavy hand of their oppressors and desired to bring them out from Egypt. I told Moses that I had chosen him to go before Pharaoh, telling Pharaoh to let My people go and that I had chosen Moses to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt. 

Though one might think Moses’ response of “who am I to go before Pharaoh and to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt?” is a picture of his heartfelt humility, it actually reveals his own mistaken personal identity problems! A single phrase echoes his mistaken identity as he begins his response, “Who am I?”

While our exchange continues, Moses offers his objections to My mission for him. Do you notice his objections center on his own view of himself? His focus is on his perceived lack of authority and diminished abilities. 

Though I continually draw him back to the truth of Who I Am, My power, My strength and limitless abilities; though I promise to be with him and teach him what to say, Moses’ focus is on himself and not on Me. He believes his moving in the call from Me is dependent upon his own strength and abilities.  In his heart, he is not understanding the value of My promise to be with Him. 

My promise to be with Moses had its value in Who I Am, not in Moses faulty perceptions of himself. My promise to certainly be with you has its value in Who I Am. I AM truth; there is no lie in Me. I am present with you and willing and able to act. I Am the Creator of the universe, and more powerful than you. I Am Faithful and True. I Am loving and I am limitless. My abilities know no bounds. The depths of My heart are for you. I desire you to walk in closeness with Me. 

Beloved, lift your eyes, heart and mind to steep yourself in Who I Am. Let your focus be on Me. Allow My Holy Spirit to open even more of your understanding of Who I Am, for truly knowing Who I Am allows you to live and move freely in the true identity of who you are. Rejoice in that truth and discover Who I Am in you. 

I did not call Moses because of his own abilities; I called him to be a vessel to carry My glory. I do not call you because of your own strength or abilities. I call you to open the door and step into a deeper realm of understanding that you cannot fail with your eyes on Me.

Learn of the infinite capacities I possess and allow Me to reveal to you Who I Am, for doing so allows you to soar to new heights with Me. Seek to move in new freedom with Me, in the fullness of who you are in Me. For I Am your strength and your ability is found in My ability; who you are is found in Who I Am. You bring glory to Me and great blessing and freedom to you and others.

My Precious One, find your boldness and confidence in Me, for there is freedom for you in doing so. Trust Me to open your ability to draw even closer to Me, learning Who I Am; answer My call knowing Who I Am in you. 

[based on Exodus 3 and 4]

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