Live: Choose What/Who You Magnify

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    • The “EMBRACE THE MAGIC” card from D4Yart Deck 3 is connected to this. The card is based on the “Questing Gaze” Dyed4you Art piece, and it reads, “Be filled with wonder. See the magic around you   Allow inspiration and awe to draw you in. You have a choice in how you view the world and what you focus on. You can choose to focus on shortcomings and problems, or you can experience the magic of the world around you – life’s little intricacies – and let that wonder saturate your soul.”

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His Greatest Craftsmanship

Fathomless God” by Meghan Williams of Dyed4you Art

The heavens and its starry host speak and declare God’s story and craftsmanship. They bear witness to His testament. Yet, the heavens have no audible voice. Its declaration of God as the one and only Creator and Sovereign Ruler is not in words but action.

The heavens exist and do what God created them to do. It knows its identity, its purpose, and the source of that purpose. There is no question or doubt. All the universe can do is simply be what it was created to be and do what it was created to do.  Continue reading “His Greatest Craftsmanship”

Lunchtime Live: Fear of the Lord and Trusting God

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Leave a Legacy of Love

Proverbs 10:12 (NLT) Hatred stirs up quarrels, but love makes up for all offenses.

Beloved, choosing to love instead of taking offense is always the right decision. There will always be misunderstandings or people acting from a place of hurt, but how you respond speaks to your character. And as you choose to love, you clearly reflect Me and My heart. 

In extending the grace you yourself want to receive, you’re leading by example. And being known for being gracious and loving is a testament of one who knows Me. And beloved, know that you’re leaving a legacy of love that will reach farther and last longer than you can begin to imagine. Continue reading “Leave a Legacy of Love”

Wonder of the Father

How you make rain fall from one place to another, each raindrop uniquely made, each with a purpose and destination. Each snow flake or ice formation all again – unique in its design; no two are ever alike.  How new falling snow glitters in the light and yet is so light. 

How you give birds knowledge of flight, to look for food and make nest in unusual places. The call off each bird is different, according to what type of bird. The bees that pollinate and some even produce delicious honey. Continue reading “Wonder of the Father”

Be a Child Again

Remember when you were a child and the whole world was filled with amazing new things to explore. To touch, see and hear new things. You had no fears then, you would climb trees and ride your bike downhill very fast and you were not afraid.  You were amazed at the smallest thing, an ant hill, a butterfly, a puddle was your delight. Continue reading “Be a Child Again”

High and Lifted Up

Isaiah 54:5 (VOICE) Because the One who made you will be your husband; the One called Commander of heavenly armies Will set you right again, the Holy One of Israel. It’s not for nothing that He is called “God of all the earth.”

Beloved, I AM the One who loves you best. I AM the Lord your God, the Holy One, the Lord your Maker – YHVH Asah. I AM sovereign, and I AM mighty. I command the heavenly armies. I AM YHVH Sabaoth, the Lord of hosts. 

What do you think you have to fear? I AM the enthroned One – high and lifted up, who is above Me? Who is mighty enough to stand against Me? And you have chosen to stand at My side and under My protection. So again I say, what have you to fear? Rest in Me.

El Elyon (God Most High)

Hosea 11:10 (AMP) They will walk after the Lord [in obedience and worship], Who will roar like a lion; He will roar [summoning them] And His sons will come trembling from the west.

Beloved, walk in obedience and utter devotion, for you know not the strength we operate in when we move together as one. Trust in Me and trust in My plans, for we are fearsome in unity of purpose as we watch My Word unfold.

See Me as I AM – high and lifted up, One worthy of reverence and praise. Hear My voice, beloved – roaring like the fiercest lion, and tremble in awe and the majesty of My presence. I AM Lord of all, El Elyon – God Most High. Continue reading “El Elyon (God Most High)”