Wonder of the Father

How you make rain fall from one place to another, each raindrop uniquely made, each with a purpose and destination. Each snow flake or ice formation all again – unique in its design; no two are ever alike.  How new falling snow glitters in the light and yet is so light. 

How you give birds knowledge of flight, to look for food and make nest in unusual places. The call off each bird is different, according to what type of bird. The bees that pollinate and some even produce delicious honey.

You see and have made each beautiful butterfly, a fragile thing but able to soar and land on flowers.

Each plant and tree that is produced in certain areas of this world. One may be in the south, north, east or west. All serving a purpose; to give shade, to pollinate, to give fruit, to share beautiful flowers, to give syrup or any number of other things.

In nature , how can we not look at things and see your handprints, your DNA in everything that is made. We wonder and stand in awe of You.

Never mind the human body with all its systems, parts and even the very way our lungs inhale and exhale all done automatically but all created by Our Heavenly Father.

Help us not to take each breath, each flower, each wind blowing in the trees, each blade of grass , each butterfly that crosses our path for granted. Let us be the child that is overwhelmed by your goodness, marveling at your works. May we continue to praise you for the small things and the big things. You alone are God and we stand in wonder of You. 

Psalm 150:6 (CJB) Let everything that has breath praise Adonai! Hallelujah!

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