Lunchtime Live: Lifestyle of Prayer

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Lunchtime Live: Cherished 

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Lunchtime Live: Restorer of our Souls

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Lunchtime Live: Incremental Breakthrough 

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Lunchtime Live: Speaking Life

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Lunchtime Live: Discernment

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Silk: Releaser of Hope

Though this is a silk word, so far I have only made it in a Dyed4you flute. A beautiful one in Poplar with a Spalted Mango bird crafted by Mike Whallon of Grey Wolf Flutes and then dyed and finished by us 5th Temple Drone (keys of B/E).  This word was inspired by the word I received from Amy Rylander called Lighthouse of Hope – more on that coming soon on

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Lunchtime NOT Live: Believing What God Says

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Lunchtime Live: Choose Who You Trust and Honor

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Lunchtime Live: Deliberate Unity

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