Live: Choose What/Who You Magnify

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    • The “EMBRACE THE MAGIC” card from D4Yart Deck 3 is connected to this. The card is based on the “Questing Gaze” Dyed4you Art piece, and it reads, “Be filled with wonder. See the magic around you   Allow inspiration and awe to draw you in. You have a choice in how you view the world and what you focus on. You can choose to focus on shortcomings and problems, or you can experience the magic of the world around you – life’s little intricacies – and let that wonder saturate your soul.”

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See the Harvest

“Garden of His Love” by Meghan Williams of Dyed4you Art

Beloved, can you see the harvest? Can you see the fruit that has come forth in your life as you have believed My Word? Each day, you are becoming more conformed to My image as you believe what I have spoken over you. My Word is life, and you have readily received it into your heart. It has taken hold of your mind, and each day it transforms your thoughts so that they come to mirror My own. In this, I am well pleased. Continue reading “See the Harvest”

In Gratitude is Strength (Nehemiah 8:10)

Embrace Gratitude – Dyed4you Art

In a recent Daily Downloads from Heaven, God surprised me by naming it “Let Gratitude Build Your Strength.” I had to pause to assess whether I believed that or not – not that I’d think gratitude was bad, but that it actually brought strength was a new concept for me. This Prophetic Nugget which is based on Habakkuk 3:17-19 (AMP) reads: Continue reading “In Gratitude is Strength (Nehemiah 8:10)”

Moving at the Speed of Grace

{vision} I saw a sign on a road showing that the speed limit was 55. There was a blurred line through the middle of the 55, and I knew there were words printed there.

I saw this vision just before I opened my eyes one recent morning. I sensed this was a “sign” for the spiritual speed limit for my day. Immediately, I knew the “55” represented a multiplication of grace. I also recognized the words that I couldn’t read symbolized a “word” that God had for me through this vision. This word would bring clarity to a repeated message He had been speaking in the Spirit: “Slow down.” Continue reading “Moving at the Speed of Grace”

Lunchtime Live: Embracing Gratitude

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Lunchtime Live: Love is Reflected in Love

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Lunchtime Live: Incremental Breakthrough 

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