In Gratitude is Strength (Nehemiah 8:10)

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In a recent Daily Downloads from Heaven, God surprised me by naming it “Let Gratitude Build Your Strength.” I had to pause to assess whether I believed that or not – not that I’d think gratitude was bad, but that it actually brought strength was a new concept for me. This Prophetic Nugget which is based on Habakkuk 3:17-19 (AMP) reads:

Beloved, let gratitude build your strength. For as you embrace My goodness and respond in thanksgiving and praise, the stone-like concerns that weigh you down are lightened and the chain-like burdens that would hinder you are broken – and you are set free. In the freedom of gratitude, you find strength as the power is removed from the things that would hold you back. As you focus on Me, your confidence builds. And as you rest in Me, your feet are made sure. So embrace gratitude, and fill your mouth with praise. Be emboldened as you are infused with My strength, and be made whole.

God connected this idea to Nehemiah 8:10 (NLT) which ends by saying, “Don’t be dejected and sad, for the joy of the LORD is your strength!” For truly the joy of the Lord includes a heart of gratitude. 

And as we consider the things that stand in opposition to gratitude like worry, bitterness, and dissatisfaction, we realize these are the negative emotions that steal our strength. They cause unnecessary burdens and turmoil. 

Whereas when we are focused on gratitude, we are filled with joy and contentment, our faith is bolstered, and our countenance is lifted. These positive emotions build strength and boldness. 

God connected these concepts with a principle I’ve shared before in my post Celebrate Each Breakthrough that what we focus on, we make room for. What this means is as our heart is fixed on the blessings of God and on finding things to be grateful for, we will undoubtedly find more (I.e. make room for more). Conversely, if our hearts are focused on what is wrong or not how we want it and we’re looking for things that are amiss, we will undoubtedly find more or make space for more disappointment. 

So which would you choose to draw into your life? Would you choose to make room for blessing by being steadfast in gratitude and thus bolstering your strength? Or would you choose to focus on the negative and areas of perceived lack, thus sapping your own strength and finding yourself in a self defeating cycle? Be empowered as you remember the choice is yours, so choose wisely!

Note: I also talked about this during my Lunchtime Live: Love is Reflected in Love

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  1. Bless you, Meghan!

    I say… Amen! Amen and Amen! This is so true! When the Lord began teaching me this truth through a set of circumstances to which I began walking through, I found that when I focused on the goodness of the Lord that’s all around me and not the problem, giving continual praise with a heart of gratitude, I’ve been deeply encouraged and strengthened.

    And I have come into peace and rest on the matter while leaving it in His hands, as I keep my eyes turned upon Jesus my Salvation and Deliverer. And He has been showing me more of His grace and blessings even while I wait. Hallelujah!

    The goodness and blessings of the Lord never go away, even when we are faced with unfavorable circumstances. If those circumstances become our main focus (breeding discouragement and loss of hope, etc.) that makes the blessings seem obscured, but none-the-less they are there as they have always been. And we need to know that and stand on that truth and let that be our view. When we say, God is good all the time that has to be in all things.

    I’ve always told people, when you are faced with oppositions… Raise your praise and gratitude! There is power in doing that! Power to stand, the power to grow and increase one’s faith, the power to remember and stand on knowing that through all we may come to face… Greater is HE!

    And above all…He is worthy of all praise no matter what! He is worthy of our heart and voice of gratitude. He is worthy of it all come what may!

    We praise You, O Lord, and thank You for everything! You are so, so good!!! In all things, I find You faithful!

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