The Battlefield

The battle is fierce.  I look around and see all who have fallen, my heart melts with fear.  I hear Your voice on the battlefield telling us to be encouraged, to keep our eyes fixed on You.  You raise your gold shield to defend that which is Yours.  I run closer to You when something catches my attention.  I look away from You for just a second and I am pierced by an arrow of the enemy and I fall to the ground.  I try to get on my feet only to I fall back to the earth.  You look over Your shoulder and tell me, “Child, get back up!”  Again, I try to rise but the pain and the fear are unbearable.  I sink into back to the ground and sob, “I’m sorry Lord. I can’t.” 

You run and kneel down beside me protecting me with Your shield.  Your eyes are aflame and Your full glory is revealed.  You look into my eyes and tell me, “I will not leave you or forsake you.  I will renew your spirit and strengthen your body.  You WILL have your victory this day”.  Your eyes lock with mine and all I can see and feel is the warmth of Your love.  I am overwhelmed by Your healing touch.  All fear and pain is gone.  You extend Your hand to lift me to my feet. You smile at me and say, “Child, you are now a force to be reckoned with for My Holy Spirit has renewed you.”  

I start to praise you on the battlefield!!  “You have renewed my spirit with divine strength.  I will have no fear for You are with me.  Though my enemies surround me, I will not fear for You have prepared me for battle.  You have armed me with mighty weapons not of this world.  My praise is a weapon!  My voice is the banner I lift on high.  Victory is assured because You go before me and You are my rear guard.  Though the ground quake beneath my feet I will not be moved.  Though the winds howl, I will stand my ground.  Though the waters rage and the mountains fall, I will remain steadfast, keeping my eyes fixed on You.  HOLY IS THE LORD!!  HOLY IS THE LORD!!  HOLY IS THE LORD!!  VICTORY!! is assured!!  My eyes are on You Lord.  My eyes are on You.”

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