Fiery Anointed One

Fiery Extravagant Love” by Meghan Williams, Dyed4you Art

A common theme in my walk with God is how He uses clothing to symbolize our state of mind, character, and conduct. Ultimately, God wants to clothe us with Himself so that we will reflect His character and nature. One night, I had a dream where He used the clothing I was wearing in it to symbolize a challenging truth.

In my dream, I awoke in a bedroom. I got up and walked over to a dresser that had a mirror on it. As I looked at my reflection, I noticed I was wearing very bright colors. I wore a knit sweater with thin orange and yellow stripes, which gave it a fiery appearance. I also wore a Dyed4you silk around my shoulders in the same colors; the silk felt like a mantle. Even though this was a dream, I asked the Lord which silk this was. He told me that the silk had yet to be created.

When I awoke, God began to download the meaning of the dream. He reminded me that I don’t like wearing knit sweaters, even on the coldest winter day. I easily overheat, and that makes me uncomfortable. Even more, I don’t like wearing bright colors like orange and yellow because they are incredibly bold and cause me to stand out. (I’m an introvert, a petite woman, and have always preferred remaining in the background.)

God then brought to mind a story Lisa Bevere told. She named one of her sons Arden Christopher. His name means “fiery, determined, anointed one.”

Bringing all these things to mind, the Lord said, “I’ve called you to be My fiery, determined, anointed one. I’ve called you to be on fire for Me and walk in a holy boldness that pushes back the kingdom of darkness. I know that stepping out in My anointing and having attention drawn to you can be uncomfortable. But remember that the light of My presence is upon you so that humanity will see Me through you. Don’t be afraid to shine for Me.”

Through this dream and God’s interpretation, I began recognizing areas in my life where I was holding back and afraid to step out in His anointing. My fiery love for God has been born out of hiddenness and intimacy with Him. I have often felt like King David, who delighted in God while only a shepherd boy, pouring out songs of praise while in the pasture with the sheep. And also like David, the anointing and calling upon my life exceeds my wildest dreams!

However, God anoints us for a purpose. The anointing is like a light in the darkness that shows humanity that He exists. And His anointing is the key to establishing His kingdom on earth. Therefore, God’s anointing is guaranteed to take us far outside of our comfort zones. We must be willing to die to ourselves and, at times, what makes us comfortable to allow God to shine through us.

[“Fiery Anointed One originally posted on Waiting in the Wings, reposted in its entirety with permission.]

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