Set Down Roots

How can you drink of my water if you have not set down roots to reach the water? You must settle down in one place and stop relying on the pitcher to fill your vase. There is good in the soil and life in the water. Dig deep and drink deep. Then you will multiply and be a blessing to many more.

Watching the Blessings Form

{sensing} A calm before a storm. Not a wild, out-of-control thunderstorm. But a nice, heavy spring rain. When you can see the storm clouds forming all afternoon. Watching the skies darken for hours. Knowing what is coming is going to be the first rain of the season and will water the earth and bring forth a bountiful harvest. A blessing, but not a surprise. Let the rain come, be ready for it, because with great blessing comes a task to be done. Continue reading “Watching the Blessings Form”