Our Lion Shepherd

Peaceable Kingdom by Meghan Williams of Dyed4you Art piece

Our Lion Shepherd looks after the sheep. The Father takes care of each one. He is gentle with us, but in an instant, our fierce Lion Shepherd can come out and roar over any who threaten His sheep.

He is protective of His flock with His eyes ever watchful. He guides us along the path of life. And as the path gets hard, He never leaves us. He gives true rest by the refreshing of His stream, nourishing our parched areas. He gives out daily blessings. May we always be grateful for His grace and kindness. He is a true shepherd tending His sheep. Continue reading “Our Lion Shepherd”

Rise Up

“Wake Up” – by Meghan Williams, Dyed4you Art

Rise up, My people, rise up. The alarm sounds for the time of war, and I need you to be awake and vigilant. There is much territory for the kingdom of light to take, and I have fully equipped you to cast out the kingdom of darkness. Therefore, take care not become lax and forget who you are and what I have called you to do. Resist the voice of defeat which would have you believe you are a victim of any earthly circumstance. Shake off the weariness of past battles fought in your own strength. A new day of war is ahead—a war already won by My might and My Spirit. Continue reading “Rise Up”