Just One Word

One night, I was listening to a song my eldest son Jonathan wrote years ago called “Just One Word.” Then the next day, as I was watching a movie about Abraham, it stood out how that one Word God spoke to him carried him through so much. No matter what the opposition, Abraham fell back on the Word of God’s promise to him. Continue reading “Just One Word”

Let It Rain

Beloved, I call you this day to a new place of awareness. I have touched your lips and called you to speak for Me. Like a wire that is brought to life when it is charged with electricity, so My anointing elevates your speech out of the mundane and gives power to the words that fall from your lips. Continue reading “Let It Rain”

Attuned to His Voice

Listen to the Sound” by Meghan Williams of Dyed4you Art

Very early in my prophetic walk, I had several incredible encounters with the audible voice of God. Other than a smattering of Scripture references to this voice, it had never entered my mind that such encounters still happened. Primarily, I had these experiences while I was asleep. Somewhere between dreams, I would find myself pulled into a completely dark place. While my body was asleep, my inner man was suddenly wide awake. In the majority of these encounters, the only sense that was engaged was my spiritual hearing.

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Lunchtime Live: Speaking Life

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Lunchtime Live: Discernment

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Types of Personal Prophetic Words

We’ve shared posts that go into What is a Prophetic Word? and How-To Receive a Prophetic Word as well as a wide variety of other topics on the prophetic, but I realized some further descriptors about the types of Personal Prophetic Words people receive would be helpful. So consider this a how-to assess what type of Personal Prophetic Word something is.

In addition, I want to address the level of caution that should be taken when receiving these various types of words. Though with that said, let me add the disclaimer that of course every prophetic word should be received with much prayer and wise counsel. Continue reading “Types of Personal Prophetic Words”