Let Perfect Love Prevail

Heir of Righteousness” by Meghan Williams, Dyed4you Art

One morning, I was thinking about picking your battles.  Our household divorced itself from having a microwave since moving to Missouri.  Our new houseguest missed the microwave, so God authorized the purchase of one.  My arguments about what was “right” went by the wayside.

So I found myself thinking about the difference between the word “right” and the word “righteous.”  Christians use these words that other people may not process the same.

One simple way to define righteousness is “perfect love.”  God is perfect love. So when we say that we are clothed in His righteousness, I think we are really saying that we are covered by His perfect love, operating in it.

Sometimes for the sake of being right, we become unrighteous. Today, I encourage you to pause and calmly think about how our sense of justice or rightness can lead us away from being loving and peaceful. God wanted my new husband to have a microwave. My sense of rightness came against this, but God’s love won out.

Today, let’s simplify “righteousness” down to how Jesus/Yeshua demonstrated God’s perfect love as He lived his short life on Earth.  Pick your battles, and let perfect love prevail.

By Miryam with Sacred Sounds

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